Family of Origin Work: Untangling Unhealthy Roots

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Family of Origin Work:  Untangle Your Unhealthy Roots will help you explore how your early experiences within your family of origin might be creating obstacles for you now.  As a psychotherapist myself, I am passionate about helping people get unstuck because of the unhealthy narratives or belief systems they carry.

  • I’m not good enough.
  • I’m unlovable.
  • People can’t be trusted.
  • People will leave me.
  • etc.

These belief systems can get tied up in depression, anxiety, stress, anger, relationships problems and more.

Family of Origin Work:  Untangle Your Unhealthy Roots  will guide you through a similar line of questioning and contemplation you might experience if in a session with me.  My goal is to provide a framework for you to think like a therapist by asking yourself some very key questions to understand the root system (family, etc) in which you came from and how you might have been impacted, not to blame but to get clarity and seek change in whatever areas have been keeping you stuck now.

It will help you to:

  • Identify where your issues might lie.  How do you know you have a tanged root system?  What are signs that unhealthy seeds were planted?  Did problematic belief systems or narratives grow from those seeds?
  • Understand why you struggle the way you do.  How did you cope or adapt to your situation?  Do those adaptations negatively impact your emotional and/or relationship health?
  • Resolve your issues and create a lasting, deeper level change.  What are action steps you can take to work through your issues?  You will be given powerful  tools to help you facilitate change.

Family of Origin Work:  Untangle Your Unhealthy Roots provides a framework for you to conceptualize yourself on a deeper level in order to remove self imposed obstacles to peace, happiness and the healthy relationships you deserve.  The 10 pages will challenge and empower you to think like a therapist with guidance, self-tests, assessments and areas for notes to reflect upon.

As this guide is purposefully brief and succinct in nature, there are additional resources provided to dig deeper into the topics that resonate with you.  After you download the mini guide, there are two ways to use it;  on your digital device or computer using fillable forms or print to have a hard copy to work with.